Famous Mats: Did You Know?

Yes we have some famous mats.  Mats that appeared on TV and in the movies.

Waterguard Entrance Mats

Jacinda Opening Morrinsville GymJacinda Opening Morrinsville Gym

Our very own Jacinda has walked over the Waterguard mats at Morrinsville College on her recent visit to the College.

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Anti-fatigue: What is it?

The Health Issues

When we stand for long periods of the day on cold hard floors like concrete, linoleum, tiles, wood or dirt, we can suffer from fatigue in the neck,

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Cleaning Your Bar Mats

Do not wash your bar mats in the dishwasher or glass washers.  These machines have high caustic levels that will damage you’re the fabric and may lead to separation of the fabric from the rubber,

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Installing or Laying Four-in-One

This fantastic product is so easy to lay.

Use outdoor galvanised screws and washers for a more permanent installation.

Recommended spacing of screws with washers is 30cm apart.

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Installation of Outdoor Carpets

Surface Preparation

Decord, Widetrack and Images can be laid
onto any level timber, concrete or fibre cement surface.  The sub floor must be dry, dust free and free
from rising damp and loose material. 

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Instructions for Machine Washable Mats

Many businesses can get away with hosing their mats down once in a while because they are lightly soiled. However some business, like bakeries, butchers require to wash their mats more frequently.

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Standing vs Sitting Workstations

Fantastic, you have decided to get off the chair and work on your feet.

  • ​There are many standing desks available for you to choose from but here are some hints. 
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