Our long-awaited shipment of Seagrass has finally arrived and we’re shipping out the back orders now. 

Seagrass is a natural product that is hand made into tiles.  It is a great option for conservatories, bespoke retail spaces, holiday and seaside homes.  View our product page for more information and to see how others have used Seagrass.

Seagrass is sold in a bundle, which is made up of 45 squares sewn together to make a mat measuring approximately 1.5m x 2.7m.  As it is hand made, the stitching can be undone to remove squares or rows as needed.  Alternatively, you can stitch bundles together to create larger mats.

Stocks are limited and will be supplied on a first in, first served basis.  Contact us on 0800 60 70 80 or email sales@mats.co.nz to get yours.

Seagrass back in stock
Seagrass back in stock. Some examples of Seagrass in use – custom sizes to suit the space.