New Zealand lost its manufacturer of outdoor carpets in 2018 due to an influx of cheap imports. We have sourced our own replacement – Slim Rib and Broad Rib.

As summer turns into autumn and the rains begin to wash away our suntans, it is time to remember those trips, slips and falls that happened last winter before they happen again.  Outdoor carpet on your decks, ramps, stairs and walkways is a great long term solution to problem areas. 

Autex, who manufactured New Zealand’s premier outdoor carpet have stopped making carpets in order to focus on acoustic wall products and green insulation.  Those schools that have an Autex carpet will know that they spent their money wisely.  You will get 10-20 years life from your properly installed outdoor carpet.

We will say it again, properly installed – why do we want to emphasise that? We have seen time and time again how an incorrectly installed outdoor carpet will disappoint and annoy you:-

·         It will lift and become a trip hazard

·         It will stretch in all the wrong places and become a trip hazard

·         It will continue to cost you money

Similarly, if you have purchased a cheaper version of an outdoor carpet you will be experiencing similar problems along with:-

·         Pooling of water because it isn’t porous

·         Rotting timber underneath

·         Growth of mould and fungus

·         The carpet frays or tears easily

To fill the gap we have sourced an outdoor carpet to the exact same standards as the Autex product.  The new outdoor carpet, Broad-Rib and Slim-Rib, have been specifically made to suit NZ conditions.  Our Outdoor Carpet range is supported with a 10 year indoor and 3 year outdoor limited warranty.

The reason we promote outdoor carpet in drier times is because correct installation requires a smooth, clean and dry surface.  Just like the story of Goldilocks – the temperature can’t be “too hot” or “too cold” – but “just right”.  If it is “just right” then the adhesive can be applied easily and effectively.  If not “just right” – problems occur.

If you do find that you need to install an outdoor carpet over winter the surface should be prepared and covered to prevent water from getting onto the surface.  Concrete surfaces will need to be sealed prior to installation.  We can also discuss alternatives such as Four-in-One which can be installed in any weather.

When installing outdoor carpet ensure the ribs run horizontally to the walker as much as possible.  The ribs provide additional non-slip support.  Installing carpet in roughly 2m x 2m lengths ensures a good coverage of glue and is easier to manage.

If you are looking to prevent trips, slips, and falls this winter then call us on 0800 60 70 80.  We have been in the business over 30 years and offer guidance and assistance to our customers installing outdoor carpets.  We would love to hear from you.