Promotional Mats

Any Logo, Any Design, Any Size, Any Colour

High-quality, bespoke printed promotional materials.

  • Classic Logo and Prestige Logo
  • Nylon Carpet Top
  • Rubber (Both) or vinyl backing (Prestige)
  • Jet Print
  • Photographic quality
  • Standard colours or PMS Colours
  • White is not guaranteed on Prestige Logo mats.
  • White is good to use on Classic Logo mats.

These are the choice for most entrance ways and most businesses.  They are both hard wearing mats that will absorb water.  The rubber backed mats are machine washable/laundromat.

  • Waterguard & Ultraguard
  • Polypropylene Carpet Top
  • Rubber Backing
  • Inlayed logo
  • Use of 5 standard colours only
  • Choice of 10 colours
  • Expensive
  • In / Outdoor use
  • Heavy traffic

Choose these mats if you need something special, unique and hard wearing.  Waterguard has a waffle pattern and Ultraguard a diamond pattern.  Both are water absorbing and multi-directional foot wiping action.   Ultraguard is designed for outdoor use and Waterguard is best under shelter.  Hose to clean.



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