Why is it Better to Own your Mats vs Renting them


A lot of businesses rent their mats as they like the convenience of getting them cleaned and managed.  But when you add up the cost to your wallet and the environment is it really worth it?




* Renting mats is a matter of convenience and is very expensive. It will cost the customer as much as seven times more to rent mats versus purchasing mats.

  • Daily vacuuming and periodic water extraction is a sufficient cleaning program in most cases.
  • A good outdoor scraping mat can remove most debris and keep your inside mat cleaner.
  • Purchasing your mats offers more choices with style, sizes, colors, backing, etc.
  • All mats are not created equal.
  • The correct type and size mat with heavier backing options help provide your customers with the safest choice.
  • Rental companies use a lot of water, energy and petrol swapping out your mats every week.  This also impacts the environment.