We get told I rent my mats so I don’t have to own them.

Are you really getting the best deal?

Is it really financially better?

Is it really more convenient?

Owning your own Mats vs Renting them


A lot of businesses rent their mats as they like the convenience of getting them cleaned and managed.  But when you add up the cost to your wallet and the environment is it really worth it?




* Renting mats is a matter of convenience and can be very expensive.

We hear it often:-

  • “I am paying to have my mat changed/cleaned every week but I am not always getting a clean mat.”
  • “It’s costing me a foture in renting my mats and we don’t even get them dirty”

The question remains – what is the differences between renting or owning your own?

  • Firstly, the cost.  To purchase a mat 850 x 1500mm (average size for a rental company) – our Washable Mat is very similar to the one you might rent for an entrance way.  Cost to buy 850 x 1500mm Washable Mat is $223 plus GST.
  • To rent weekly $10 for one mat – that’s $520 per annum plus GST.  This charge is less if you rent more mats or get them changed less often.
  • Secondly, time.  You are already vacuuming your mat every time you vacuum your business.  What time have you gained by renting?
  • Lastly, budget.  Renting usually comes from a different budget (operational) than purchasing (capital).  Operational costs can be tax deductable.  Capital expenditure is depreciated.  Both are treated differently for accounting purposes and Capital isn’t always available.

We argue that you are saving time and money by owning.  Additionally you are also doing a little bit more for the environment.

  • Easy to clean – vacuum daily/weekly
  • Machine washable so you can have tough stains removed and refresh your mat
  • Once or twice a year you could use a commercial carpet cleaner to steam clean the mats at the same time you do your carpet – see video link below showing how great they come up.
  • Purchasing your mats offers more choices with style, sizes, colors, backing, etc.
  • The correct type and size of mat can save money on cleaning and be safer too
  • Rental companies use a lot of water, energy and petrol swapping out your mats every week.

Check out our machine washable range of matting:-

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