Many businesses can get away with hosing their mats down once in a while because they are lightly soiled. However some business, like bakeries, butchers require to wash their mats more frequently.

  • Use a laundry powder or liquid
  • No bleaches or harsh chemicals required
  • Wash with cold water or warm wash to 40ºC.

Can be washed at higher temperatures up to 60 deg C for heavily soiled mats but the lifespan of the mat will reduce at higher temperatures.

Dry by hanging on a line or over the laundry machines at night. Alternatively air dry in a dryer but do not spin.

Alternatively, use a bucket of warm soapy warm (dishwashing liquid is fine) and hose off and dry.

The backing on these mats must be completely dry before laying on the floor or water will get trapped between mat and floor and leave black marks and deteriorate the backing.

If you have any questions, please call me 0800 64 65 66.