Screws can be used to attach our Four in One Matting to wooden decking, ramps and stairs.  We recommend outdoor galvanised screws so they will not rust in the rain.

They would ideally have a wider head so they do not pull through.  Alternatively you can use large washers to ensure there is no pull through.

We sell black screws in bags of 100.  We prefer the black screws as they make the joins less obvious.

Screws should be spaced approximated 300mm apart around the perimeter of the matting.

The Four in One product tends to go looser rather than tighter so do not be afraid to screw it firmly down with a little stretch.

We sell a wide range of accessories you might need. For the high traffic ends (eg: start and finish of a ramp) transition bars should be used.

Stair Nosings on step edges will ensure the Four in One lasts as long as it should and gives a tidy finish. 

Screws are virtually invisible on this Four in One mat:

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