Chairmats are a necessity for every office – they protect the carpet / floor under your chair as well as making it effortless to move.

Polycarbonate mats are thicker, more expensive and have a long warranty. PVC on the other hand are more flexible, less expensive, with a shorter warranty.

PVC Chairmat – For Carpet

  • For carpet
  • 3mm thick with 4.5mm Spikes
  • Clear to show carpet
  • 1 year Warranty

900 x 1200 keyhole shape
1140 x 1350 keyhole shape
1200 x 1800 rectangle shape

PVC Chairmat – For Hard Floors

  • 3mm thick with no underlying spikes
  • 1 year Warranty

Size: 1140 x 1350mm keyhole​

Polycarbonate Chairmat – For Carpet

  • For carpet
  • 2.4mm thick with 3mm spikes, clear to show carpet
  • 5 year Warranty

915 x 1220mm rectangle
1150 x 1350mm rectangle
3000 x 1200mm rectangle
Custom sized 1200mm wide by cut length up to 3000mm

Polycarbonate Chairmat – For Hard Floors or Carpet

  • 5mm thick with no underlying spikes
  • Black only
  • Fully guaranteed against failure due to manufacturing defects for 2 years
  • Non-trip bevelled edge

Size:  1110 x 1445mm keyhole

​A great all rounder. This rubber chair mat will not break under pressure on a thick pile carpet. Great on hard floors too.

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