How Do I Lay Four in One Matting?


Is Four-in-One Matting easy to lay? Yes! Here are the best ways to install your new anti-slip matting…

  • We recommend unrolling the product on top of the surface for an hour or two before laying, as it makes it easier to work with.
  • Use outdoor galvanised screws and washers for a more permanent installation. Recommended spacing of screws with washers is 300mm apart along the perimeter and joins.  The washers prevent the screws from pulling through. Alternatively a large headed screw can be used.  Don’t stretch the product too tight but don’t have it too loose or it can bunch.  Decks can expand and contract in the weather.
  • Use Pinless Naplocks (carpet bars) suitable for outdoors on all leading edges (eg start and end of ramp) and can also be used on joins if desired.  These naplocks protect the edges from damage in high traffic areas.
  • Four in One is easy to cut and can be fitted to stair tops easily.  Talk to our team about our wide range of Stair Nosing options to protect the step edge and also create more visibility around stair edges.
  • Use fencing staples for temporary installation – making it easier to lift when not required.

Exposed Edges Should be Covered with Carpet Bars

Outdoor Pinless Naplocks or carpet bars can be fitted to the exposed edges to provide a non-trip, tidy finish and makes the product last longer.
Four in One is Perfect for Ramps

Create a safe pathway using Four in One Matting.
Four in One is easy to Cut and Shape

Four In One creates a safe pathway in high traffic areas.