It happens, chewing gum gets on your carpet or mat.  It looks ugly and is difficult to remove.  You don’t need to throw the mat away or get it professionally cleaned.  We have three suggestions:-

  1. ICE – if you can freeze it with ice then it can be easily scraped off – TIP: Put ice in a zip-lock bag prior to use.
  2. ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL – saturate the area of the gum and allow to soak under the gum – scrapes off easily (much easier than ice)
  3. XL GUM REMOVER– it will do the same thing as ice – about $40 for a 500ml aerosol can.      XL Gum Remover will freeze chewing gum on hard surfaces, carpets and fabrics.  It has no harsh solvents and will not ruin the carpet/mat.
  • Do not pull on the carpet or gum as this will remove fibres and could leave you with a hole
  • Use a blunt blade/scraper (eg. back of a knife)

Chewing Gum – how do I remove it?