It is the age old question of how environmentally sound is a mat?

Not all mats are made equally.  Mats made with rubber backing and edges, then yes it is recyclable.  Mats with vinyl edges and backing are not recyclable but they are useful and can be re-purposed.  Any mat can be re-purposed.


Can a mat be recycled?


Can mats be recycled?

Our Washable mats can be recycled


  • Simply deliver your launderable mat to our depot in Manukau City
  • Washable mats are then shredded and combined with old rubber tyres to produce hard surfaces for horse dressage.
Other Suggestions for Old Mats
  • Use as weed mats in the garden
  • Under the car to catch oil or water spills
  • In the garage to help prevent mess coming into the house
  • Put under washing machine to reduce vibration
  • If it still has some life left donate it to a charity
Cracked or Broken PVC or Polycarb Chairmats
  • Feeding station for cats & dogs
  • Under your bird cage
  • Make cloches from the garden or seedlings
  • Wind breaks for young plants
  • Under pot plants to prevent water damage to carpet
  • Under a high chair
  • Arts & Crafts – windows for the dolls house, race track