In the heart of the Waikato, Morrinsville College’s slippery corridors were causing concern to the school on rainy days and in winter. We used super absorbent Terra matting in the school’s hallways for a durable and economical solution.

Terra Runners for High School Corridors


A secondary school in the heart of Waikato, Morrinsville College is bustling with students. On rainy days its corridors would become very slippery and hazardous from a continuous stream of wet shoes. Roger the Caretaker was looking for long lasting yet economical matting to solve this problem. The mats needed to be easy to clean daily with a vacuum cleaner and he also wanted matting that was suitable to be stored rolled up over summer. Roger needed the mats to be 1200mm wide and heavy enough not to creep.


Terra matting was a great solution as it comes on a 18m long roll so Roger could measure up the corridors and just order the cut lengths he required. They have a PVC backing but no edging which means they stay looking the same for many years – the edges are usually the first thing to go on the mats. Terra is an economical option and will fit in with most school budgets. The runners are super absorbent and also scrape footwear clean of debris.


Roger is happy with how the mats are performing. He said the longer mats sit better and are less likely to move. The cleaners have found the mats easier to vacuum than their existing mats – despite the textured waffle pattern. Roger is planning on using more Terra runners in a few other areas of the school.
Date Started:
Matting was installed in autumn 2020 in Morrinsville College, Waikato
Long lasting winter matting

Winter Matting for Schools

To prevent slipping accidents, Morrinsville College needed long lasting, easy to vacuum winter matting for its hallways. The super absorbent Terra runners were chosen as an economical solution that fit all the criteria
An easy fit

Long College Mats

The corridors were measured and the cut lengths ordered as needed
Great for long corridors

Terra runner

Morrinsville College has found that the Terra runners tick all the boxes to solve long slippery corridors hazards on wet days

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