Slim Rib Outdoor Carpet provides an attractive and functional anti-slip covering for wooden decks, steps and ramps.


Slim Rib Outdoor Carpet and Stair Nosings at Te Puna School


Neil the Principal of Te Puna School said that wooden decks and steps around the school were slippery and the steps and edges were hard to see for visually impaired visitors and students.


Slim Rib Outdoor Carpet (colour: Storm) was Glued using Roberts Outdoor Adhesive to slippery surfaces. The edges were then protected and highlighted by screwing in Stairnosings with Signal Yellow inserts for high visability. Slim Rib outdoor Carpet is designed to last under NZ conditions and is designed to dry quickly when wet so will not rot the wooden decking.


Te Puna School are happy as they have a long lasting, safe and attractive solution – no further problems.
Date Started:
Neil is interested in gluing Slim Rib Outdoor Carpet to more areas about the School
Slim Rib at Te Puna School

Slim Rib carpet on stairs with yellow stair nosings

Stair case with Tred Safe 43mm insert nosings

Stair case with Tred Safe 43mm insert nosings

Slim Rib comes in three colours - dark grey, light grey and black

Colour samples for Slim RIb


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