Salus Aviation is a full-service aviation company who have used Industrial Comfort tiles with great success.

Safety and Anti-fatigue in Industry


Keeping the team safe and comfortable in a clean room with multiple work stations of different sizes can be a challenge especially when the matting needs to be chemical resistant and robust.


Industrial Comfort with safety edging / ramps was supplied to great success. It is modular with a unique interlocking tile system that is heavy so it does not shift, lift or wrinkle. Industrial Comfort is New Zealand made and provides a comfortable surface to stand on for long periods.


The team at Salus Aviation love the matting. There are now safe and clearly defined work stations and as Industrial Comfort is modular, it was laid by the team in a configuration that works best for them. Now if there ever is a spill, the team are standing above the mess and clean up is easy.
Date Started:
Industrial Comfort was supplied late 2022

Industrial comfort open in use

Industrial workshop floor mat - Comfort Open

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